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This site promotes human rights, freedom of expression and secularism
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Politika, kriminal, špijuni, mediji, novac i
Politics, Crime, Spies, Media, Money & Secular World
Dragi posjetitelji,
na ovim stranicama naći ćete vijesti, istraživačke i analitičke tekstove o temama iz naslova koje sam objavljivao drugdje i koje tek namjeravam objaviti.
Dears visitors,
on this site we will find news, research and analytical texts about themes from the titles which I was published elsewhere, and which I intend to publish in the future.

Dio tekstova biti će prezentiran na njemačkom, engleskom, francuskom, i drugim svjetskim jezicima, a najveći broj na hrvatskom. One part of the texts will be presented in German, English, French and other world languaes, and the biggest part will be in Croatian.

Blog 45 Lines sam pokrenuo pred sedam godina. Do 2010 on se nalazio na adresi, kada sam ga preselio na adresu jer su mi na domeni administratori počeli cenzurirati postove. Na adresi objavljivao sam prijevode na njemački, francuski i engleski nekih važnijih tekstova, i prenosio tuđe tekstove o svojim slučajevima ili o srodnim temama o kojima sam ja pisao. I started writing the 45 Lines blog seven years ago. Originally the blog URL
was until 2010., when I changed it to as the administrators of the previous domain started to censor my blog posts. On URL I  published my translated texts, and articles from other autors about me or related topics which I wrote.

Ovaj site sam pokrenuo da bih na moderniji način promovirao ljudska prava, slobodu izražavanja i sekularizam. This site I started that I would in a modern and more efficient way of promoting human rights, freedom of expression and secularism.

Nadam se da ću u tome uz vašu pažnju i pomoć biti uspješan.  I hope that I will to be successful with your attention and assistance. 

“The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.”
(Ancient Greek historians and author, 460-404bc)

ZELJKO PERATOVIC | Croatian journalist since June 1991. Quickly after he started working in the Croatian daily "Vjesnik", he was sent to cover events in Vukovar and Gospic. Powerful impressions from the war and testimonies by fragments of stories, behind which backstage political games were hidden, essentially influenced on his decision to take up research journalism. Today his research interests are directed at activities such as weapons and drug trade, prostitution, war crimes, political murders, abuse of secret services, etc.


Investigative journalist & independent blogger
Reporters Without Borders correspondent for Croatia
Memberships: Croatian Journalist’ Association – CJA, International Federation Journalists –IFJ, Central Committee of CJA /  President of the Section Freelance Journalists’ of CJA / In 2003, received a press freedom award from the Austrian Section of Reporters Without Borders / individual member of Atheist Alliance International


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