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'Mladen Bajić is a corrupted...'

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    Why Josipović protect Bajić from critics of whistleblowers (Bačić, Fazlić, Barišić...), non-governmental activists (Majić, Ivin...) and journalists (Ćimić, Peratović..)? Why Josipović protect Bajić from critics of whistleblowers (Bačić, Fazlić, Barišić...), non-governmental activists (Majić, Ivin...) and journalists (Ćimić, Peratović..)? photomontage by Mihaela Maras & Željko Peratović
    Mladen Bajić is a corrupted war criminal and a murderer of my family!’


    Ivica Bačić, the main source of documents used to press charges in the Lora case, has had his personal computer and documents seized under the allegation that he has been gathering information on highly ranked State officials and politicians in the Republic of Croatia. He claims this is how the Chief State Attorney is trying to silence him.

    Author: Mladen Prenc

    Monday 28.11.2011 22:45

    - I have found the Achilles’ heel of the Chief State Attorney Mladen Bajić in the Lora case. He is now trying to get rid of all the witnesses of his involvement and command responsibility in the Homeland War, which is why he has been prosecuting me for many years now – said the 50-year-old Ivica Bačić from Split, a retired Croatian Army officer and one of the main State Attorney’s Office collaborators in the Lora case. The police came to his apartment on September 15, with a search warrant for his property alleging that he has committed the criminal offences of illegal possession of arms and explosives and destruction or hiding of archive documents.

    During the search, the police seized many documents, a personal computer, various CDs and DVDs, and still today, two months later, Bačić hasn’t been given back any of these.

    The spokesperson of the County State Attorney’s Office in Split, Rene Laura, confirmed that they have been investigating Ivica Bačić, but wanted to reveal no further information on the case invoking the Act on State Attorney’s Office according to which all files are classified as confidential during the investigation and related actions.

    The controversial warrant

    It is interesting to note that the search warrant signed by judge Slavko Lozina says that ‘the request of the Municipality State Attorney’s Office implies that the suspect Ivica Bačić is gathering compromising information and documents on high ranking State officials and politicians in the Republic of Croatia, and that he is in illegal possession of a number of documents from the Ministry of Defense (MoD) and Croatian Army (CA), since he was earlier an MoD employee working on encryption, and before that in active military service in the Yugoslav Army and working for secret services’. These unclear warrant guidelines could lead us to think that both State servants and policemen, and especially those working in The Bureau for Combating of Corruption and Organized Crime (USKOK) corruption department are also committing criminal offences as they are daily gathering evidence against State officials and politicians. Due to this ambiguity, we have asked DORH to clarify the warrant allegations, but they chose to ignore this question, although they have responded to all the other questions we have asked.

    Bačić, who also received no clarification on what is exactly illegal in gathering documentation that is indicating a crime, claims that he is hardly surprised by this latest ‘action’ of the State Attorney’s office as the Chief State Attorney has already compromised him in the media by declaring him to be a Serbian spy working for Savo Štrbac, and that he is now, after he has ruined his career and his family, trying to ‘put an end to him.’ Ivica Bačić is known to the wider public in Croatia because of the verdict that might have historic significance in solving the relations between Croatia and Serbia and clarifying the role of the ex-Yugoslav Army in the aggression against Croatia.

    After 8 year-trial, Ivica Bačić has won the case by the non-appealable verdict of the Belgrade appeal court whereby he is entitled to indemnification for a car that was confiscated from him in October 1991 in Knin by the Yugoslav National Army. Some legal experts believe this verdict opens the way for many civil actions to be undertaken against the Army of Serbia by the citizens of Croatia and BiH.

    ‘Bajić is the master architect of Lora’

    - I don’t know what exactly they have been looking for at my place as I have handed over all the documentation to DORH during the last 15 years. I possess no weapons so they couldn’t have found any, and I have no clue what archive documents that I have allegedly been destroying they have been looking for. I also don’t understand the stipulations in the warrant and that some object was confiscated from me in February this year and that Tomislav Pavlić, an employee of the Police Directorate, made an official note about it. I don’t know which case they are talking about as no objects have been confiscated from me. On the other hand, there are no surprises for me when it comes to Mladen Bajić. Last time he was trying to deal with the witnesses of his crimes, he has sent to Mario Barišić a false ICTY investigator to question him – Ivica Bačić, a whistle blower from Split started his story.

    In relation to the allegation of Mr. Bačić who “has accused….of destroying his family”, we would kindly ask you to contact with your query the competent Municipal Court in Split and the Municipality State Attorney’s Office in Split. We would like to emphasize once more that the allegations of your interlocutor directed at the Chief State Attorney of the Republic of Croatia are incorrect and unfounded.

    My acquaintance and cooperation with Mladen Bajić started in mid 1990s while Bajić was still the deputy in the County State Attorney’s Offfice in Split, but according to Bačić, this relationship changed in a way that he became, instead of a person affirmatively helping the State, a person marked for being the enemy of the State.

    I have started working with Bajić already in 1996 – 1997. At the very beginning, he seemed like a nice and just person, because he has opened the Lora case, and has asked me to provide him with various documents related to the case as well as to put him in contact with my friend Marijo Barišić, the commander of the military police in Šibenik. At that time, Bajić was the Deputy State Attorney in Split, and both Barišić and myself in person have been bringing documents into his office already while he was the deputy, and then later when became number 1 in Split County State Attorney’s Office. Very soon the documents on the events related to the Lora case started to reveal evidence which confirmed that the current Chief State Attorney was the master architect of Lora crimes and that he has constructed this case using forgeries and hiding evidence. He, above all, needed an important case, so he decided to build his career on the backs of innocent people. He has invented the key witness Petar Novaković. The case file also includes the false testimony of this man allegedly given to Barišić. Already while I was in Split before, I started to ask him questions on how that is connected with Lora and why he is trying to hide his responsibility in the case. Soon after that he changed his position, as he no longer liked embarrassing questions that I have continued to ask after he was appointed as Chief State Attorney. He was also the main source of information in texts published by Ivica Marijačić in weekly magazines Fokus and Hrvatski list, in which I was marked as a Serbian spy and the collaborator of Savo Štrbac. I know this for a fact, as Marijačić, whom I have successfully sued for defamation and won the case, published part of a conversation between Bajić and me, which only Bajić, the Split County Public Attorney at that time, and me, knew about. In the meanwhile, he has destroyed my family, and has left me jobless and without reputation, and also built his career over us, who had had reported the crimes. I hereby claim, under full responsibility, that Mladen Bajić is a corrupted war criminal and a murderer of my family – said, after the interview that lasted several hours, Mr. Bačić, who has also tried to file criminal charges against Mladen Bajić and colonel Tvrtko Pašalić for forging official documentation in Lora case, but was told that this case statute of limitations has expired.

    The worst problem of the Chief State Attorney

    The head of the State Attorney’s Office of the Republic of Croatia is facing many problems because of the Lora case. Besides Bačić, who has been accusing him for years, the political scientist Darko Petričić and the journalist Domagoj Margetić have informed the Hague (ICTY), European Commission, OESS in Zagreb and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg against him. Like Bačić, they also claim that prisoners have been arrested and interrogated on Bajić’s orders, and that there are indices that Bajić was present in Lora during the torturing of the prisoners.

    Ivica Bačić compares his difficult path with the case of the retired police officer Salih Fazlić, who has received a suspended sentence for forging passports and other documents and helping Ante Gotovina and Hrvoje Petrač to escape. He says that he also wanted to report criminal actions, but that he ended up being Bajić’s scapegoat for the EU. For him, the end of the story where the Chief State Attorney has had it enough of him so he sent him his men to search his apartment is the same as the revenge of Tomislav Karamarko against the journalist Željko Peratović, who was also asking questions he shouldn’t have asked, so the current technical Minister of the Interior destroyed his career and tried to completely destroy his life and family.

    Related to Lora case and the role of Mladen Bajić in that case, about which the web portal has written in details, there are many allegations related to his infamous role there. However, the Hague court (ICTY) clearly said that Bajić can only be processed by Bajić in that case. An answer was received from the Hague office of the ICTY prosecutor Serge Brammertz stating that the ICTY cannot process the case in question.

    Bajić: Bačić’s accusations are false and unfounded

    We have asked the Chief State Attorney to comment on allegations for war profiteering, corruption and family destruction, and have received a reply through DORH spokesperson, Ms. Martina Mihrodin, saying that these are all unfounded lies.

    - In relation to Mr. Bačić’s allegation on ‘accusations for covering up war crimes’ we would like to point out to you earlier press releases issued by the State Attorney’s Office of the Republic of Croatia and other competent State Attorney’s offices where Mr. Bačić’s earlier allegations have been denied, and especially to the press release issued on January 11, 2011 (that can be found on the first link below). We would hereby kindly ask you to, regarding Mr. Bačić’s allegation on “destruction of his family” to contact the Municipality Court in Split and the Municipality State Attorney’s Office in Split. We emphasize that the accusations of your interlocutor against the Chief State Attorney of the Republic of Croatia are false and unfounded – says the reply of Mladen Bajić, containing three links to DORH replies and denials. 

    In those, the senders of the ‘new documents’ in Lora case, that Bačić mentions, are being accused to making the alleged documents to clear themselves from any responsibility for eventual criminal charges that could be filed against them by the investigators of the International Criminal Court for Ex-Yugoslavia, and denies any criminal liability of Mladen Bajić. 


    In the end, Ivica Bačić says he is not giving up, and that he is ready more than ever to fight Bajić.

    - As an active military, it was part of my official duties to report crimes I was in war and persons committing them. Instead of being valued and respected for having done that, I’ve been called the worst possible names and defamed. Now I am being investigated for being some sort of chetnik spy. This is completely insane! Chetniks killed my uncle and burned my house, ruined me in the war, and now I’m marked as working for them. All this would have had happened if I haven’t had reported Mladen Bajić for war profiteering and command responsibility in Lora case. He needs to make the case go away so that, in less than a week, he might switch his coats again and continue building his empire founded on crime and blood of innocents – said Bačić in the end.

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