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Nicolas Sarkozy and Hrvoje Petrac

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    Sarkozy and Croatian businessmen Sarkozy and Croatian businessmen photomontage by 45lines
    Columns, statements Sarkozy, Mesic, Petrac, Pukanic and texts of Ivo Pukanic are extremely suitable for analyses to researchers of international corruption and organized crime. In todays column Sarkozy and third mobile operator, Pukanic involved new French President in potential corruption scandal with the Croatian Government. The owner of Nacional claims that Sanader’s government should make possible entering of French telecommunication giant Alcatel on Croatian market through giving concession to Monaco’s Match Telecom, and in return French would guarantee to Croatia starting of negotiations with EU without condition of arresting Ante Gotovina.

    As usual, whenever Pukanić writes about Gotovina and French always in background must be President Stjepan Mesić and enterpreneur sentenced for kidnapping of juvenile, Hrvoje Petrač. Pukanić drags in Sarkozy in corruption story to give Croatian public false explanation of probable stand of new French President with regard to his colleague Mesić and his 'businesses' with Chirac and French Ministry of Defence in which mediated Hrvoje Petrač.

    As far as I know Nicolas Sarkozy as a Home Secretary was not delighted with a fact that French Ministry of Defence gave villa to Hrvoje Petrač in the south of France as a gift for merits in jobs with military-industrial complex Giat. Nacional in 2003 informed about Petrač’s business with French and Đuro Đakovic:

    Besides firm Đuro Đakovic-Special vehicles, as a carrier of development and production, on production of components for tank Degman are also engaged foreign partners as Israeli Elbit, French giants of arms industry, firms Thales and Giat, and from Croatia at the moment are engaged even 33 firms.

    Eduard Sostaric, 8 January 2003

    Chirac’s men in Ministry of Defense were strongly opposing on every complaint about engagement of Hrvoje Petrač with explanation that he is friend of Croatian President Stjepan Mesić, who makes possible to France profitable jobs with Croatia.

    So also the story which was published by Le Monde that Ante Gotovina after 2003 lived in the south of France (most probably in Petrač’s villa) more and more seems to be true.

    Croatian President Mesić during his last visit to colleague Chirac had guaranteed one more big job to French Ministry of Defense and military-industrial complex.

    At the end of last month France has offered to Croatian shipbuilding extremely favourable joint project of building of militry vessels. To Croatia is offered participation in building French frigate FREMM on 16 bow section of which every is 70 meters long. The offer is valid if Croatia decides to acquire four French corvettes type Gowind 200, of which only one would be built in French shipyard and the last three in one of Croatian shipyards, most probably in Kraljevica. It is the matter of business that has not been offered to Croatia since its moment of independence and it can not be compared with no alike, at least when it is the matter of defence project of Republic of Croatia with some other European country.

    Eduard Sostaric, 6 November 2006

    In order the job to be implemented, Chirac and French Ministry of Defense decided to help Mesic who in front of international community compromised himself by helping to Gotovina, so the job of supervision of Gotovina’s hiding they gave to intelligence general Phillipe Rondot.

    All the same, Ante Gotovina was coming to Croatia, and Sanader’s government pressed by Carla Del Ponte managed to persuade the fugitive to go to Tenerife and then deliver him to Spanish police and Haag.

    By unsupported information of French intelligence services at Gotovina was found one part of marked euros from kidnapping of son of Vladimir Zagorec.

    President Mesic, Hrvoje Petrac and their French partners from Ministry of Defence continued with pressure on Sanader’s government to bless the contract about joint business with military vessels, exactly when a judge Ivan Turudić supposed to reach the verdict for kidnapping of Zagorac’s son.

    Turudić condemned Petrač and sentenced him on six years in prison, so the French Ministry of Defence, that by the way promissed to Hrvoje Petrač an enormous fee, had to give up of business with Croatia on building corvettes and frigates.

    With all that, as far as I know, Nicolas Sarkozy didn’t have anything. But, as perspectives for his winning on president elections were growing, the fears in Croatia were spreading how would he react on President Mesic and Hrvoje Petrac and their deals with French Ministry of Defence.

    The lobbies in SOA inform me about great concern for alleged friendship of Sarkozy and Marin Tomulić, by whose accepted criminal notification in Paris is in progress investigation about involvment of Stjepan Mesić and Hrvoje Petrač in attempted Tomulić’s murder for which is reported Marko Nikolić.

    Although we recently could hear statements of people in Sarkozy’s party that about entering of Croatia in EU would not be decided at French referendum, that is France would not put barriers to us on our way to Europe, but they are opposing that Turkey becomes a member, Ivo Pukanić, to hide revealing of possible dirt of Croatian President Stjepan Mesić, writes that France under Sarkozy could make problems to us because it blockades European constitution.

    P.S. On the loom is another international disgrace with trade/smuggling of weapons with which is connected President Stjepan Mesić. On the last hearing regarding to Croatian request for extradition, suspect Vladimir Zagorec asked from Austrian judge exemption of public. Not without strong reason, the sources close to Austrian judicature are persuading me. Allegedly he is preparing to ask for political asylum in Austria on the basis of complaint that President Stjepan Mesić is persecuting him because, among other things, he refused to participate in smuggling of rockets S-300 to Iraq, and because of what under Mesić’s sponsorship was allegedly in Zagreb, at the beginning of mentioned year, Saddam’s chief of intelligence service. According to the same sources, in the business with Iraq and S-300 suppose to participate also Mesić’s brother-in-law, Žarko Pavlina.

    Article was previously published on - 8 May 2007

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